i am standing in my grandparents foyer, looking in front of the mirror. it's the mirror that really sat there — big, oval, with a carved spiral dark wood frame and an attached shelf at the bottom. on the shelf to the right is an irish proverb (may the road wise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may god hold you in the palm of his hand.) some more generally self-flagellating catholic prayer to the opposite, my grandmother's old lipstick, in a silver metal tube, smelling of pigment and melting fat. i look up and open my mouth and all my teeth fall out.

i am barely pubescent. i am at a sleepover, organized by my friend olivia, in a cabin covered in dark wood. i excuse myself to go to the bathroom. i look in the mirror and open my mouth and all my teeth fall out.

there's been a hurricane. my mom is missing. i'm searching all over the dream virginia beach oceanfront. it's not the real virginia beach oceanfront, it's the oceanfront as it re-occurs in my dreams. some key differences are the beach is partially cliff-faces with sharks, the hotels are more ... guggenheim-like? a lot of spirals? and sometimes, in the residential areas, there's these weird half underground small buildings, kind of like hobbit houses. in virginia beach they're cute but i've had other dreams where they're in more rural areas and they're ominous. i find my sister and my dog face down, drowned in a pool.

i am a child. there's a time-traveling cave man with an axe who comes down with an umbrella like mary poppins. and he's chasing us (me, my mom, maddy, anne marie, katelyn, kelly) around a mansion (maybe just a bigger house, but significantly bigger than my mom's real house) with an axe. he does kill the majority of us. it ends with me hiding in a small closet or cupboard. this is obviously much scarier than the premise makes it seem.

i'm falling.

we are driving to the outer banks. the bridge is three pieces of rope stretched across in a sort of inverted triangle (one rope at the bottom, two above and to the side). we have to balance our car on 2 wheels to drive across. it's hundreds of feet in the air with the ocean below and a large sand bar. in several dreams we have fallen. i have been on the sand bar - it has large, cliff-like sand dunes that are difficult to climb up and the sand is red-ish. there's a man that lives there and he's a tom hanks, castaway like character. we don't always fall though.

there's a bridge. it's a floating bridge, kind of like a dock, but it floats on old tires and the platform is just a couple inches thick rubber. the bridge ends before you reach the destination (i don't think this is in vriginia beach, i think that this is in a more urban area but i'm not sure. it's always night time when i'm here and there's a skyline.) so you have to launch your car as far as you can into the water and swim the rest of the way. the water is cold and dark and full of killer whales. i've never stayed in the dream long enough that i know where we're trying to go.

it's the lesner bridge but it's low to the water, barely above it, and it's basically falling apart. i'm crossing it, and water is coming up over the edges and it's crumbling and there's sharks all around it. sometimes i'm crossing it to get to the opposite beach (there's beaches on either end of the bridge, in real life too.) and there will be people swimming and playing in it (there's still sharks in the water though). there's a sub dream similar to this but it's the chesapeake bay bridge.

i'm going somewhere in pungo? one time i was going to a mad scientists house? one time it was part of the virginia aquarium trail. but most of the time where i'm going isn't clear to me. the bridge is wood and rotted and frequently just totally fallen through in some spots. the water is brown and has alligators in it.

more generally, the car is in the water and we're drowning and we need to get out.

i'm a child. i'm at my grandparent's house, in an upstairs room that doesn't exist in real life. the crab apple tree in the backyard is evil. everything feels purple and black. i'm just scared. i just feel very scared.

i'm in this house, i think it's someone's house or maybe just a place i'm staying. it's very fancy, patterned silk wallpaper and dark wood and gold leaf and rich jewel tones. i have to go somewhere in the house. sometimes it's to get away from someone but sometimes i'm in a large room watching tv waiting for someone. sometimes the room is like a fancier version of my grandmother's getting ready room. but it's confusing to get anywhere, the rooms are confusing and so are the stairwells. they're all missing pieces or moving or swaying, some aren't stairs, it's ropes or ladders. nothing is stable.

there's a giant mechanical shark in the oceanfront like the one in james and the giant peach. this one isn't as scary as the others.